Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Jars

So, have you read this book by Jason F. Wright? Me, neither. I want to, though.

From what I can tell from the Amazon reviews, it's one of those little books, in the tradition of The 5 People You Meet in Heaven and Prayer of Jabez -- A quick read with a deep message. A book that you pass on to your friends.

I first heard about this book from Sarah, who walked out of her front door a couple of days before Christmas and found this book and a jar full of change on her step. She read the book and then emptied out the jar and found over $200 in bills on the bottom of the change. Someone who knows the struggles her family has gone through these past few months -- emotional, spiritual, financial -- left the book and jar anonymously.

The problem with anonymous is that you don't know who to thank. So, if it was someone who reads this blog, thanks. And if it's not, the best way to say thanks is to pay this forward.

Although I usually save my change for Haiti, this year, I'll be saving those coins I find in the dryer, between the couch cushions and on the bottom of my purse for someone else. I don't know who yet, but I am guessing that sometime in the course of 2010, we'll run into someone who could use some help come next Christmas.

Even though I haven't read this book, I would encourage everyone to start a Christmas jar now -- like a Christmas club account, except for others.



  1. This is a great idea and whomever left the book/jar on Sarah's porch deserves thanks and more. I'm going to do this in 2010...we usually use our change for our vacation slush fund, but this year we are going to find someone who can use it and give it to them anonymously.

    Let me know how the book is. If you need suggestions for novels, I have a bunch. Are you on GoodReads? I am, but haven't listed anything yet. But I use my friends lists to get books at the library. I am no longer buying books, but I do tend to owe fines at the library every month. For some reason Tim thinks this is better than adding to our book stash of over 1000 books in the basement. We need to have a book sale! Maybe we can add that to our jar this year.