Saturday, January 2, 2010

I might be knitting again,

but I spent over 2 hours today struggling with a messy skein of laceweight. Even putting it on the swift and trying to unravel it that way was crazy, but in a way, sort of soothing.

I haven't knit anything since Allie died except for garter stitch scarves for the kindergarten girls and dishcloths. I tried knitting a cabled hat for Father Scott, but it was one mistake after another, and when I got it finished, it was too tight on Will's head. But again, sort of soothing to rip it all apart.

Then, I was working a dishcloth at the wrestling meet this week, and one of the dads was shocked and appalled that I would knit something so "mundane." Yes, his word.

Dishcloths are soothing. Really.

Besides the scarves (and Linda made 2 of those!), here's the whole of my knitting production over the last 3 months:
Need a dishcloth?

So, I felt like it was time to cast on something a little more substantial. I picked the Feather and Fan baby sweater, and am using the laceweight held double. I just took it off the needles to work on the sleeves, and it looks really tiny -- the baby I am knitting it for was born on my birthday, so she's one month old. No, I didn't swatch. I just didn't feel like it, and now I think I am going to pay the price. We'll see. At least it's not a dishcloth, and I haven't ripped it apart yet.

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