Thursday, January 29, 2009

So my sister says,

"you know, with 2 snow days, I would have thought you would have blogged. It makes me laugh every time I go to your blog and see how you were going to blog 'every other day or so.'"

Ha ha.

Now, we're at 3 snow days and counting. And well, I just don't have anything great to blog about.
The snow and new schedules have kept the boys at their homes, so no pictures.
I've been knitting, but that's not that exciting -- 5 purple scarves for the wrestling managers.
I am working on a quilt, but no pictures to show yet.
Wrestling is winding down -- sectionals this weekend, but Will won't have a match as he isn't varsity.
School is fine. This is Catholic Schools Week, but they're missing out on all the fun because of the snow and ice. Poo.

I will try to get a better bloggy attitude soon, promise.


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