Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our very own Miss America

When I was little, the Miss America pageant was a highlight of the year. Those Saturday nights in September we got to stay up late and have popcorn and Cokes in little glass bottles.
Alas, Miss Indiana never, ever did well, and we were forced to cheer for the girl from Kentucky, Ohio or another neighboring state. When it came to talent, my dad always liked the girls who chose to sing or play a religious or patriotic song -- he said you could never go wrong that way. I know it would have thrilled him to see Katie Stam, Earl Hackman's granddaughter, sing "Via Delarosa" and be crowned Miss America.

It was the most exciting thing I have ever seen (the second most exciting was the Colts Super Bowl win in 2007 -- wish my dad could have seen that, too.) There is to be a big parade and party when she gets to return home after a round of appearances.

On behalf of 4-Her's and farm girls everywhere, way to go, Katie.


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