Friday, January 2, 2009

One more upsetting thing

There are lots of things for wrestling moms to worry about.

Bloody noses, broken bones, MERSA.

Feeding your wrestler properly so he makes weight but stays strong.

Buying the right equipment.

Showing up on time.

And perhaps most importantly, not embarrassing your wrestler by yelling too loudly, screaming at the ref or crying. But I cried when something happened that I had never thought to worry about -- my baby broke an ankle.

Not his own.

That of some other wrestling mama's boy. And she wasn't even there.

Will was having a good meet at Columbus the Saturday before Christmas. His next opponent was from Shelbyville, and it was a pretty even match until there was a slam to the floor and the other boy started screeching, "Oh my God, it hurts so bad! Somebody help me!" His foot had gotten caught under him, and bent back to the point of breaking. Although we were just a few feet from the mat up in the wrestling room, we didn't hear a snap (thank the Lord) but the writhing and shrieks of pain were horrid. Everything stopped and the ambulance was called. Will didn't much know what to do -- the ref raised his hand as the winner, and then directed Will to go over and shake the boy's hand -- of course, the boy didn't want much to do with that.

Clay talked to their coach later, who told him that that was the 5th season-ending injury that team had incurred already this season.

As the boy's dad left for the hospital, I told him we were sorry, but he just shrugged -- I guess everyone involved in wrestling knows the risks involved. Will's had more bloody noses than I can count, a separated shoulder and various welts and bruises. But seeing another boy hurt by my kid was a strange and surreal experience, and one I hope never to repeat.

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