Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Now there are 4

grandsons in this family! Here is Paul Robert, who was born on Sunday around 1:30 PM, and weighed 7# 13 oz., but didn't have a name until Monday afternoon.
Maggie and Nate had finally agreed on Noah, but when he was born, Maggie didn't think he looked like a Noah -- he looked just like Nate. But since we already have a little Nate in this family, they chose Nate's grandpa's name. Maggie had a bit of a rough time, but was in great spirits last evening. (At least I think she was -- I was still in a Halicon-induced haze, but more on that later.)

Here he is with his two grandpas:
(It was a great day for Clay -- new grandson and a Browns victory over the Bengals)
Denny had just gotten a speeding ticket driving down to see the baby Monday -- Paul's other grandma, Susan, is in a battle with cancer, and had surgery at IU Med on Sunday. Keep Susan in your prayers, as her prognosis is not so good -- right now, all she wants is to see this sweet boy. Maggie and Nate spoke with the doctor yesterday about taking him up to see Susan; he was hesitant to give them an ok, and said Paul must stay in his car seat and be covered with a blanket. It's such a difficult spot -- so much joy over this baby, but overshadowed by what Susan is going through. One day we'll all understand.

More pictures and updates soon -- once again, I have failed to get a picture of my daughter with her baby -- I promise one today.


  1. OH What a sweetie pie!

    Hugs from Marian/Dutchy from MJF

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! He is beautiful! What a joy to be a Grandmother! I sure love it!

    Farmgirl Hugs,
    Maryjane #44

  3. congrats! he is so so cute...... no surprises there!