Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Since it is October 1,

we interrupt the knitting, grandchildren, and general babble found on this blog to encourage you to spend a few minutes loving your breasts (or those near and dear to you.) Do a self-exam. Make an appointment for a mammogram. Walk in the Race for the Cure or the Avon 3-Day. Make a donation. Buy something pink. Wear something pink.

And do this: Join the Army of Women. I did today.

And if you do something -- anything -- about/for breast cancer this month, leave a comment here, and I'll put your name in the hat to win a this basket full of pink things, including a embroidered pillow case and a knit band ball dishcloth. (That's my first pillowcase ever --pink ribbons for breast cancer and bluebirds for my mom. I am now officially addicted to embroidery!)
Today is also the feast day of St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, whose mother, like mine, died of breast cancer. Join me in praying that no more moms have to die of breast cancer, no more daughters have to be frightened of breast cancer and little pink ribbons become dusty old antiques.



  1. I have several friends who are survivors, so I thank you for your support and for doing the walk to raise money for all of our sisters!

    dkelewae from MJF

  2. fiberfool on knittyOctober 10, 2008 at 3:03 PM

    I have joined the Army of Women and gotten my boobs squished this month. Count me in as a contestant please.

  3. Aww, how sweet are you?

    I made two chemo caps for my friend's sister, who is newly diagnosed with breast and colon cancer.

  4. my darling georgie - you are a peach!

    I made sure to write up a great article for this month in my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) newsletter with "how to self exam" diagrams and everything...

    And I am scheduled for my every 3 years boob squishing in early december.


  5. Hey there.
    I brought some pink breast things this month
    I brought a hat and a few other little things.
    I love pink anyways.
    Sign me up please.
    I brought a " Breast" pink and black tote bang at the post office
    to cute.
    I love it too.
    Pinkroses ( from Mary Janes Farm Forum)

  6. I have several friends who are survivors and two that are still battling breast cancer. Thank you for walking!


  7. I've made a breast cancer scarf and little ppink breast cancer ribbons in crochet. I also do self exams monthly. I hope your walk is a wonderful one! I think it's great that you're doing this!

  8. Thinking of you today while you walk in Race for a Cure. I also purchased some pink things this month.
    Thanks for the great giveaway. Count me in.

  9. As the Princess of Pink I would love to part. in this give away. Love pink and often wear it. Also my pink ribbon pin, I wear it often and esp. in this time with all the people that are suffering/survivors of breast cancer. I lost my brother to lung cancer so any money collected for these courses have my support.

    Hugs from Marian/Dutchy from MJF

  10. First of all that is a BEAUTIFUL pillow case. I'm also addicted to embroidery!

    Secondly I bought a ribbon pin like I do every year, in honor of my grandmother! :) So I hope I'm in the drawing. I want to do a race some day too. Good for you!

  11. I just had my checkup this week, and have to call Monday to schedule my annual flattening... :)

  12. Your Knitty nurse is having her boobs squished on Wednesday evening, and gave a lotta cash to one of her best nurse gal pals who did the 3-Day here in MN.
    Thanks for this, and your embroidery is outstanding!

  13. My stepgrandmother is a survivor and my mother's best friend is going in for a masectomy (sp?) tomorrow morning. I wear pink and my "Boobs Rock!" tank in honor of these women. I support every BC alliance I can. I'm too young to have a mammogram but I've been ultrasounded several times for finding "things" in my own girls. How sweet you are to put together a basket! :)