Friday, September 12, 2008

Big Al

At his last checkup, Alex had doubled his weight. He's growing up fast, but this hair growth is ridiculous! And no, I don't want to fight!

It's been a big week. Knitting at the Senior Citizens' Center and PIX meeting Monday, catering job on Tuesday for the Tri Kappas.

Will got his class ring on Tuesday, and had his physical for wrestling. He got his tetanus booster, which unfortunately made him sick on Wednesday -- we had the day off for parent-teacher conferences, and planned a trip to the antique mall and lunch. But not even halfway through the mall, and without even asking me to purchase a sword, Zippo lighter or Indy memorabilia, he was ready to go home, and fell into the car in a sick little heap. After some Advil and a 3-hour nap when we got home, he went to youth group -- it was care package night, when they pack and send packages to parishioners in the service and college.

He was still a little draggy yesterday, but seems to be just fine today. I had Knit Night last night, and as usual, we had a great time. I had a lesson on scarves; I posted links to the patterns on the KN blog.

Today, we took the five 7th graders on Meals on Wheels routes -- I hope they view it as service and not as just a way to get out of class for a bit.

Tonight there is a home football game, but if it's raining, I think I'll stay home and work on Tommy's birthday cake. His party is here on Monday, and we're getting him a John Deer Gator Power Wheels. Stay tuned for pictures!

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