Saturday, September 20, 2008

T Week - Turtles and Towels

Mom was a great cookie baker, snickerdoodles being her absolute best. She really loved trying new cookie recipes that she would find in the newspaper or one of her magazines; I remember seafoam chews, hickory nut drops and Viennese raspberry squares. One of her more unusual attempts were the turtle cookies baked in the waffle maker. I thought they would be the perfect little cookie for "T" week in kindergarten, so I searched out the recipe and found several variations on I picked the one that sounded most like mom's; it is an easy recipe, and the cookies bake up quickly in the waffle iron -- 1:30 minutes! They were good just by themselves, but I thought they would look more like turtles with a little green icing; I think mom's had chocolate icing and chopped nuts sprinkled on the top.

(I love this picture because you can see my cow cookie jar -- mom had one just like it, and I was so happy when I saw one at an antique store many years ago. Isn't she just the cutest little Jersey cow ever?)
Some of the kids loved them, but most of the turtles made their way to the trash can. I think the lesson I learned this week is not to be too unique with the snacks -- this is a Froot Loops sort of crowd. Next week is "P" week; I better skip the pate choux and pralines and go right for the popcorn and pretzels.

I've been working on the Irish Hiking Scarf, the Yarn Harlot's one stitch scarf and the wedding shawl. But I've had the itch to embroider after seeing some beautiful towels and aprons at Mary Jane's Farm. I started this towel yesterday after school with some things I had down in the basement, but bought a few more patterns and floss today when Will and I went to Indy. In other news, Clay is on his Boy's Weekend Out -- they golfed at Purdue, went to Harry's last night and then the game today. Golf in Indy tomorrow, then he leaves from there for the big mining show in Las Vegas. He'll be home on Wednesday. Maggie's very ready for the baby to be born -- part of me wishes he would be born soon for Maggie's sake, the other part wants babe to wait until Wednesday so Grandma can be here (I wonder if this baby will call Clay "grandma" too?) Sarah's decided to study accounting and Will's developing quite a set of guns from weight training.
It's just totally terrific to tell you the truth. (Watch out -- next week I could be perfectly pissy when pondering payment to my periodontist.)

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