Monday, September 1, 2008

Things off and on the needles

First off, my semi-complete Olympic knitting --the Mason-Dixon log cabin square with the Debbie Mumm yarn. (Thanks to Ravelry, I now know that the yarn phenomenon is called "worming".)
One square really isn't enough for anything -- it measures about 18" square -- too small for a blanket yet. So, I ordered 6 more skeins from Jo-Ann's and plan to make it a lap afghan. But after that, I won't use this yarn again -- it's just no fun to have to keep coaxing a fiber to do what it should.

I like the log cabin so much I made up a washcloth pattern for Knit Night:

It starts with 8 cast on stitches, knit for 10 rows, then do the log cabin thingie for 3 sets of garter ridges on each side. This cloth has 16 rounds, and measures 8" square. I'm going to write up what I did exactly, and post it on the other blog, if you are interested.

Except, I think I will continue with several more row sets, make another the same size and put it together into another market bag. I'm making this with a lot of leftover kitchen cotton on size 7's.
Also on the needles is a wedding shawl:
The yarn is Fiesta La Boehm, a 2-strand yarn I bought at Mass Ave. in Midnight Blue. I'm using the lace pattern from Pam Allen's Little Lace Shrug, found in Lace Style, with #10's. Here it is, close-up:When I knit with two strands, I like to have two separate balls of yarn. This fiber came stranded together, and I am having some troubles with it -- the lighter weight strand, which is mostly mohair, is stretching, I think, and I get a big wad of it every once in awhile. Just no fun.

One of the benefits of teaching at the library is that Becky the Librarian automatically puts all new knitting books on hold for me. I really like Lace Style and may buy it the next time I have a Border's coupon.

I failed to post our first day of school picture, so here it is, only 3 weeks late.

Hey, big bad sophomore, tie those shoes.
We took one in front of the front door, but I am too embarrassed to show you that one, as we still don't have the window fixed. I need to get on that . . .

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