Monday, January 13, 2014

Holiday Sewing - Pillows

I didn't do a ton of sewing for Christmas -- I was a little busy trying to crank out stockings before Santa arrived!  But I always try to make a little something for the boys, and here are the three pillows I did get done.  

If you remember, Tommy and Nate were Chip and Dale for Halloween, and I had plenty of brown fleece left over from their costumes.  These pillows are my favorite envelope-style, and working with fleece is extra easy because you don't need to finish any seams or edges.  In fact, I used the selvage edges of the material for the opening edges on the backs of the pillows.

I googled "Chip and Dale font" and found this simple lettering style.  I ironed on fusible to some of the white fleece, drew the letters backward, cut them out and then sewed around them using the darning foot on my machine.  I whip-stitched around the faces by hand and added the acorn pom poms; they were really fun to make and I plan to put up a little lesson on those sometime soon:

And I didn't want Paul to feel left out, so I made him a pillow, too.  

 Same basic idea.  The feather is some red fleece, clipped to be fluffy.


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