Wednesday, January 22, 2014

God bless Andrew Boldt.
God bless his family and friends.
God bless the Purdue family.  Stuff like this just isn't supposed to happen there.

And God bless Cody Cousins, too.
Because only God knows what could drive a smart kid with his whole life in front of him to take a gun and kill another smart kid with his whole life in front of him.

Today should be about Andrew.  A kid who lived at Cary Quad and loved Grand Prix and had always dreamed of going to Purdue to be an engineer.

And I'll be thinking of Andrew today, and every time I pass the EE building.

But know this:

Since the Sandy Hook tragedy of December 2012 which took precious 28 lives and injured 2, there have been 35 school shootings.

Since the Virginia Tech tragedy of April 16, 2007 which took 33 precious lives and injured 25, including Sean McQuade, the nephew of my Purdue roommate and dear friend, there have been 86 school shootings.

Since the Columbine tragedy of April 20, 1999, which took 15 precious live and injured 21, there have been 117 school shootings.



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