Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Costumes #1

How happy does it make this Mimi that all three grandsons wanted to be Disney characters for Halloween?  
First up, Tommy and Nate as Chip and Dale:

Those hats really aren't supposed to come over their faces, but that's a pretty cute picture!
Here they are from the side:

I guess not too many kids want to be Chip and Dale, because a quick Google search didn't turn up many ideas (but be careful when searching for Chip and Dale, because some folk seem to think the male dancers are Chip and Dales, not Chippendales.  Yikes.)  So, I winged it, although I started with a good old Simplicity pattern.

This was the same pattern I made Sarah's tiger costume from for Halloween 1987.  Of course, not the same pattern -- I bought a new one.  It's just amazing to me that this one is still available, except that it's considerably more expensive!

 I made their costumes out of fleece, so they would be able to wear them as pajamas since these boys love cozy pajamas!  You can usually find fleece this time of year at a bargain -- I paid about $3.00 a yard.  The pattern advised me to purchase 6 yards of the brown -- that seemed like a lot of fabric, and it was -- I have a ton leftover.  A bit of off white and black for their stripes and tails, and I was off.  The beautiful thing about fleece is that you really don't have to finish any edges, so once I had all the pieces cut out, it was a breeze (well, a breeze after I got the zippers in).  For the detail, I added a stripe of white and one of black on the back, and gave the fleece some snips to make it look fluffy.  I made their little tails like a pyramid, with a little stuffing, and just whip-stitched them on so Sarah could snip them off after trick or treating.  (When Nate first tried his costume on, he told Sarah that his tail hurt.  Turn out I left a pin in.  Sorry, sweet Nater.)  I made each of them a pair of mitts, which I hope came in handy (ha!).

I wasn't too sure how to make their faces, though.  After several failed attempts at machine appliqueing, I ended up drawing then painting the faces onto felt (thanks, Disney Animation Academy!)  I ironed on some stabilizer to make them stand up, then tacked the faces onto brown sock hats.

I had plenty of brown fleece left, so I thought I would make them some pillows.  I cut out the letters for their Chip and Dale, machine embroidered them on and as soon as I can get them to give up their hats, I'll applique the faces onto the pillows!


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