Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holiday Recycled Craftiness

I love to recycle.  It makes me feel like I am doing my tiny bit to save the earth.
I recycle everything I can, but recently our town decided they were no longer accepting glass at the recycling center.

I asked a friend who works for the city what we should do, and her advice was to purchase fewer things in glass.

Unfortunately, we enjoy wine, beer and pickles.

So, our basement and garage are full of glass.  I just can't put all those bottles and jars in the trash -- it just feels wrong.  My mom canned in recycled glass jars and bottles, but  after two years teaching food safety, I just can't do that, either.

I use saved Starbucks frappuccino bottles for drinks for the kids for the holidays -- chalkboard labels, cute straws and cupcake paper lids (thanks again, pinterest).  And I used a lot of the jars for packaging the lavender body scrub I gave to friends this Christmas, but I think this is my favorite recycled project for 2013:

After I scrubbed all the labels and sticky goo off of jelly, pickle, hot fudge and salsa jars, I spray painted the lids silver.  I had the little trees in our Christmas stuff, and the only thing I purchased was the Mini Cooper for $1.00 at Green Letters (more commonly known as The Dollar Tree, but I like Paul's name better, don't you?)  I made the snowman and his little tree plus the finial on the North Pole (which is just a straw) out of Sculpy (that was fun -- I hadn't made anything with clay for ages, but the clay was still moist and usable).

I poured Epsom salts in for snow, added some ribbon and baker's twine and arranged the jars on a white cake plate for a happy little arrangement on our dining room table.

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