Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Artsy Craftsy Easter

 Since Tommy and Nate are on a balanced school schedule, they had two weeks off before Easter (well, almost two weeks off -- because of snow days, they had to go back on Thursday and Good Friday of that week -- Sarah said many kids were "sick" those days!)  they came to our house one day and we had a crafty day.

We rolled green "silverware" in orange napkins and tied them with green pipecleaners to look like carrots:

We dyed coffee filters in colored water to make basket place settings:

Nate and Maggie cut out tons of little rabbits and glued cotton balls on their bottoms for bunny garlands:
Handsome boys:

 I had to go work at the pantry, but while I was gone, Maggie cut out tons of tissue paper squares, which the boys them pressed onto clear contact paper.  Then, we covered that with another sheet of contact paper and cut out crosses and eggs, which looked so pretty in the window in the dining room (but hard to take a picture of without glare -- this one of Tommy was edited a lot!)

 Here they are in the window:

It was a fun day, and made our Easter brighter.

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