Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Thankfulness - Paper

I love paper.

Newspaper, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper.
The paper books are printed on.
The paper thank you notes are written on.
The paper wrapped around a florist's delivery.
The paper books are printed on.  Yes, I said that twice -- that's how important it is to me.

We had a terrific party here today.  Some of my best friends came together to celebrate  a sweet girl and her soon-to-be-born sweet girl.  And besides being all about a baby, it was all about paper.

Brittany will soon be a teacher, and her mom is our school librarian, so I thought a book-themed shower would be appropriate.  Thanks to pinterest and Martha Stewart, I got all kinds of good ideas.

Here are the invitations:
I found a template of a blank library card on the internet, copied it into Printshop and messed around to get this.  The envelopes were just brown lunch sacks cut down to size and stamped.  (Isn't that fancy smudging out of my address and phone?)

And the decorations:

Cricut letters, cut with the Storybook cart.  I smudged around on the edges with stamp pads like my pal, Tonja, taught us at her card class.

And the food, with little paper replicas of children's books as menu cards:
 Joannie's Stinky Cheese Man

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie cookies

Sarah's Famous Strawberry Pinkalicious Cupcakes 

Linda's Green Eggs, served with ham sandwiches 

 A Very Hungry Caterpillar vegetable tray

I made up 26 blank scrapbook pages, each with a letter of the alphabet and had everyone choose one; they were to draw a picture or write some words about that letter (and sign their creations), then we put them all in a pink scrapbook for Brittany.  That was lots of fun, even for those who said they couldn't draw!
 And favors were, of course, bookmarks:

Everyone pitched in to make it a great time.  Special thanks to my sweet girls, the cooker and the cleaning fairy.


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