Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cakes, Fall Edition

Last Sunday, we had the BIG BIRTHDAY BASH at our house -- Tommy's 7th, Griffin's 5th and Paul's 3rd birthdays, celebrated on the same day.  We made Super Hero Capes for all the kids, broke a pinata and had a lot of fun (despite the fact that the rainy weather put the kabosh on the Bouncy House!)  I made one big cake, and three little cakes, so they would all have candles to blow out.  Note to self -- that was WAY too much cake!

This summer, I donated a decorated cake to a fund raiser for our friend, Brandon.  That donation came due today, and I made a cake for a baby shower, based on the new babe's nursery wallpaper.  

I don't love to cover cakes with fondant (because I stink at it!) but I do like to model little figures from tinted blobs of it; I guess it harkens back to my Play-doh days.


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  1. Not only do Gorgie's cakes look wonderful ~~~ that taste fantastic. Thanks so much for the baby cake! <3 ya