Monday, October 3, 2011

Breast Cancer - A People Thing

So, if you read Saturday's post, you know that I'm a little wary of the Pinkification of October, and am re-focusing my efforts in the battle against breast cancer.

I've walked in the Race for the Cure many times.  I've organized events to fund mammogram machines at our local hospital.  I've given away baskets of pink stuff on my blog.  I've written a lot of checks.  But by far, the easiest things I've ever done in the war against cancer is to sign up for the Army of Women.  They can explain it better than I can, so here you go:

  A program of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, the Army of Women initiative is dedicated to recruiting one million women of all ages, ethnicities, with or without breast cancer, to sign up and participate in innovative breast cancer research studies.  After signing up at, members are then contacted via email blast about new studies seeking volunteers. They can either sign-up for the studies online, or if they do not qualify, they are encouraged to forward the information to a friend or family member. Every woman over 18 is welcome to participate, whether a breast cancer survivor or someone never affected.   There are currently more than 20 breast cancer studies seeking volunteers through the Army of Women.   The full list of open studies seeking volunteers like you are listed at: 

Go sign up.  It's an easy thing we can do for each other.  And that's what it's all about.  


  1. I joined a year ago. While I have not qualified for any of the studies, I do forward the info on to others that might.
    By the way-Is everyone current on their mammogram? I just scheduled my own overdue test myself.

  2. Way to go, Shawna. Both for being an Army member and for your mammogram!
    I haven't qualified for any research studies yet, either, but glad to know I might be able to help someday.