Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The DIY Wedding

What a fun time we had getting ready for Sharon and Dave's wedding!  A little crazy, a little stressful, but still great fun.   Although we didn't get any good pictures of the bride and groom (thank goodness Jennifer did!), here are a few of the DIY projects.

The ideas for the table decorations were taken from the many wedding blogs we stumbled upon.  Sixty wrapped books, blue mason jars with orange gerber daisies, lots of candles, and 30 different saying/poems/lyrics/pictures in the silver frames we found at the Dollar Tree.

The cake table was a highlight.  Wedding pictures of our mom and dad and Bill and Shirley, cute little owl salt and pepper shakers and moss-covered initials.  (Maybe we should have pressed that table skirt!)

The cake was our favorite Bride's Cake from the Cake Doctor, filled with raspberry and iced with White Chocolate Buttercream.  200+ cupcakes -- mocha, chocolate, orange marmalade and strawberry.

Sharon found two slices of tree that had been up in the teachers' closet for years, apparently from a very cool science lesson; no one claimed them, so Clay and I  turned them into her cake plate -- oh how I love power tools!  We tucked leaves of ivy from our back yard around the cake, just like Grandma Hunley used to.  

 The "guest book"was a large canvas.  Sharon drew the tree and did the wording; the small frame on the right asked the guests to make their thumbprint leaves and sign their names.  You can see Sarah's family's branch below:
Everyone loved the photo booth, perhaps more so as the evening progressed and they enjoyed the sangria!    Sharon had all sorts of fun props, from hats to boas to mustaches.  Now they have a great collection of wacky pictures to hang next to their guest book!

Brother Kenny made up strings of lights that gave a soft vintagey feel to the big room, and hung some blue and orange paper lanterns; he also made sure that the air conditioning at the K of C was up and running, thank goodness!  

We didn't cook the food, tend the bar or DJ (or perform the wedding ceremony, which Father Dan did perfectly in his typical warm and loving fashion), but the rest of the event was all family!  I think mom and dad would have been quite proud.  

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