Tuesday, July 19, 2011


1. Well, I just love crafting
2. I now have a nifty room to do it in
3. Summertime = a little more free time
4. The County Fair time is quickly approaching (yippee!)

I just knew this would become an addiction for me.  Pinterest is like foodgawker or ravelry, but so, so much worse because I can make it about all the things I love.  A little crafting, a little food, a little kid stuff, a little corgi. And then there's all sorts of enabling, as Pinterest lets you know when other people like and re-pin the things you love.  Good grief -- it's just one big happy family of people who like to poke about on the internets and show off what they find!  I added the Pinterest button over there on the right --- I don't know if that will take you to the general site or to my page, but you should all join.

I've tried a few recipes I've seen on Pinterest (Sopapilla Coffeecake should be added to the food pyramid -- next time I make it I'll post the recipe and pictures) but I just can't stop making things I see on there!

My big plan for while Clay was away was to clean the basement and sort and pitch.  However, my only trips to the basement the past week have been to search out craft supplies that didn't get moved to my work room.

This week, I'll post some pictures of my projects, but here is a set of pillow cases I made last week -- one for  my friend, Keaton, and one for the gift box.

I saw these panels at Craft Town last spring, and couldn't resist, as Eric Carle is one of my favorites -- when I drove the bookmobile, The Very Hungry Caterpillar was one of my very favorite books to read, and my sister does a great Grouchy Ladybug!    Pillowcases are an easy project, and I love making them.

Off to craft a little more -- pictures soon!

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