Friday, July 1, 2011

Fix-up Friday - Red Chairs!

When we helped Grandma Shirley clear out her house, she really wanted us to keep the chair on the right, even though it was in pieces, and parts were being held together with strapping tape.  She said, "I know you can do something with it," and I didn't want to let her down.  I also had an awesome folding chair I found at the flea market for $7.00.  It was red, but had been chewed on by a little dog, I am guessing.

So, I glued and hammered, tightened screws, used a good deal of wood putty, sanded and used up 3 cans of gloss red spray paint to get these:

The seats are covered with Heather Bailey fabric that I bought over a year ago for pillows, but I think it looks nice on the chairs.  I am thinking of doing a whole set of fixed up chairs for the dining room -- if only someone would let me paint the table . . .

Now, don't get all excited and think that I am actually going to make a habit of posting a fix-up EVERY Friday, but I do have more for the next several weeks; this is perhaps the one benefit of the sporadic blogger!


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  1. Hey, are you thinking of picking this up as a hobby? You can make a fortune out of it. I think the upholstery made a whole lot of difference, since it brought out the wonderful design of the chairs.