Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Her Room

So, I'm not sure what to call my new space. Office? Studio? Craft Room?

I plan that it will function as a place to create stuff. Creation Room? Sounds a little Old Testament

The mash-up thing might work -- officio is already a Latin word, as in "ex officio", something you get to do as a result of doing something else. As an "ex officio" member of this family, I get the room. Maybe. tells me that stuffice isn't in use. Yet.
Unfortunately, "stuffice" sounds like "stuff it" and looks a little too much like one of my least favorite words, "suffice," so I might have to pass on that one, as well.

Last night, I heard Clay tell one of the kids, "Mom is up working in her room."

Now that, I like.


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