Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday Girl Bloggy Stuff

So, today's my birthday. I've had a lot of them, but you've never really had a birthday until you've had a facebook birthday -- I could not believe all the good wishes I received from my FB friends. 99. Yes, 99 happy birthday posts. I love facebook, and I'm not ashamed to say it.

Besides fb, I also had awesome hugs from my friends in kindergarten, and a big boxful of cupcakes which we all enjoyed. Then I played a funeral, rang the bell for the Salvation Army outside of WM and made turkey pot pie for birthday supper. Clay made my favorite cake -- the Barefoot Contessa's chocolate laced angel food with chocolate ganache -- and we had a great supper together, did Tommy's homework and played Uno. Perfect. (Just a note for next year -- chocolate ganache on angel food doesn't support candles very well -- the lit 5 and the 1 slid right down the angel food well.)

So, now back to my blog basics: knitting, reading and cooking.

As for the cooking, I think I'm going to try to post my favorite Christmas cookies here in December. But, no promises -- I'm done with bloggy promises.

Reading: I finished The Fiery Cross on the long drive home from Hilton Head. I had taken two other books with me, but didn't even crack them. I did, however, read some things on my new nook, which was an early birthday present from Maggie. I really balked at the idea of an e-reader, just like I had balked at audio books. But the nook is amazing. I can dry my hair, read and turn the page with just a little push of a button -- so much easier than trying to keep a book open with my hairbrush. So, on the nook I'm reading Julia Child's My Life in France. I love her. And, Pride and Prejudice was free on the nook, so I'll always have a Jane book with me.

Knitting: Here's my pal Teresa's stocking completed:
It's a little bigger than the ones her grandmother knit, but it's a pretty close copy. Teresa was happy, so I am, too.

After I finished Teresa's, I decided to knit stockings for the boys, and I got a lot done on them on vacation. I'm using the Cascade Yarns Christmas Stocking pattern with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. Thanks to EZ ("Knit on with confidence and hope!"), I figured out the afterthought heel, and feel a great sense of accomplishment! I did, however, follow the advice of pals on Ravelry who did not knit an extra round between the decrease rounds on both the heel and toe -- great advice!
Tommy's, in Notre Dame colors (sort of) to commemorate his first ND football game this fall:

Nate's These still need to be blocked and lined, but they were a pretty quick knit. I do love fair isle, and an seriously considering a sweater for myself. Paul's stocking is currently in progress; Will suggested I do it in Harley colors, and I think he was right. Picture soon.

I had picked up some chunky Misti Alpaca at Mass Ave. a couple of months ago, and Maggie thought it would make a great hat. So, here it is:
She, too, was right -- it is soft and warm and just looks like something she would wear. This is a single rib pattern -- I cast on 70, knit in the round until it was about 7", then started decreasing. For my own future reference, to decrease in a 1x1 rib, knit 1 then purl 3 together every other round until you get the shaping you like and get down to 6 to 8 stitches.

I also completed a potato chip scarf -- the "cast on 20, k8, turn, k8, turn, k6, turn, k6, turn, k4, turn, k4, turn, k20, repeat" scarf (once again, that's for my own reference!) It's a very popular pattern at Knit Night, courtesy of Cottage Knits, but it sure isn't quick! Well, not for me, but that might be because I knit it on #8's with a mohair/acrylic 2-strand. But, it's finally done and on its Christmasy way.

More soon. Peace.

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