Sunday, November 28, 2010

A New Year

Today's not only the beginning of Advent and a new Church year, but it's also our 28th wedding anniversary and tomorrow's my 51st birthday -- seems like a good day to reflect and renew.

I have such a good life, a life I never expected. This is certainly not where I expected to be -- back in my hometown, 1/2 mile from where I grew up.
This is not what I expected to be doing; when I graduated from high school, I thought when I was 50 I'd be writing for a magazine, doing mission work and adopting children from around the world to live and work with me on my little farm. I could never even dream that I would have three children I adore, three grandsons I can't get enough of and a husband who . . . well, who is just beyond words. Who knew I could love him more every single day?

Life here isn't perfect, but it's so good.

And as for Advent and Christmas, I'm going to take the advice of Ann, who stumbled upon my blog and whose blog I enjoyed reading: My wish for you is that you have joy in your preparations. Do only the things that are meaningful to you and experience them with all your might.


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