Saturday, October 18, 2008

Race for the Cure

Last Saturday:
It was a beautiful day. 10,00 people walked or ran, and a half million dollars was raised.

Carly, Karen and Kim

Sharon and Paula

Kim receiving her Survivor Medal

Will ran the race in 29 minutes. Pretty good for a wrestler, I think.

After the race, we all went to Bob Evans for breakfast, and then Sharon, Dave, Griffin, Will and I went to Huber's Orchard for the afternoon.

Griff and Sharon on the Mountain SlideIt was fun, but really crowded, and our car overheated on the way home. Thanks to Dave, and a kind man whose driveway we had pulled in to, all was well. (Clay was in Ohio, visiting his mom and getting ready to run the Towpath Marathon Sunday. He did well for the first half, but then started feeling icky, and walked the final 11 miles. Then, on the way home Monday, he had a blow out around Columbus, OH, and almost crashed. Very scary. I was never so glad to see him home.)

This Saturday is a beautiful day, as well, but not so much fun -- I have to play the funeral for a dear man and friend of our dad's.

Then, we have a giant catering job this evening -- wedding for 250 -- that we have been preparing all week for. Tomorrow, Alex is being baptized -- Clay is already working on baking the cake. What a good guy. We also celebrate Carly's 11th birthday tomorrow evening.

I'll try to post about all the festivities, if I can stay awake long enough tomorrow evening!


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