Saturday, October 25, 2008

Catching up -- a few FO's

I haven't been knitting too much -- my crafty time has been completely taken up with embroidery. I have this fantasy of making everyone a set of dishtowels for Christmas. I did finish a couple of baby hats before class this week; here is Alex modeling one of them:
I made a pumpkin hat for Baby Paul, but Tommy took that one home for Alex, as well. So I cast on for another one this morning. I'm using Lion Brand Wool, and hoping it's not too scratchy for the babies' heads.

And a couple of recent cakes. This golf ball cake was for Jordan ("Bear Hug") and Becky's rehearsal dinner. I found a picture on the internet and tried to copy it, and yes, I did have another cake tragedy on this one -- I thought I had it figured out, sat down to watch ER and when I went back to the kitchen, the ball had fallen off of the lawn, even though I had used 3 dowel rods. Yikes. Major re-working and a lot more grass! (I don't know why I post these cakes -- I am so afraid of turning up on Cakewrecks; that site is supposed to be for professional cake tragedies, but those cakes seem pretty amateur to me!)

This cake was for Griff's 2nd birthday:
I think this was my fastest decorating ever -- Griff's party was on the day Paul was born, and I had exactly one hour to get it done. I guess it's not too bad for a sleep deprived decorator.
On the kindergarten snack front, things are going better -- they are actually eating the snacks and looking forward to "special treats" as Eduardo says. These fancy biscuits were for the letter A:
I made haystack candy (crispy Chinese noodles, peanut butter and butterscotch chips) and formed them into nests with white M&M eggs for the letter N, M&M cookies for M (of course) and yesterday, I took in inch worms and donut holes for the letter I (get it? The holes were the dots on the lower case i.) My immediate thought was ice cream, but we have to save that for when we study the long i sound -- this week was the short sound. Great for spelling, difficult for snacks.

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