Monday, March 31, 2008

Cats, cats, cats update

Surprise! "Sasha" is a boy. He is also around 1 year old, weighs about 12 pounds, tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV, and has a bad case of fleas and ear mites. He was very well behaved at the vet, after an initial bout of nerves. Dr. Paul suggested the "stray cat special," so Sasha is staying overnight for a shave, worming, vaccinations and separation from his manhood.

He'll also be getting a new name. Names currently in the running are Toulouse, Edgar, Henry, Napoleon and some obscure names from Atlas Shrugged -- Dagny and Taggart. (I have promised Clay that I will read that book someday, but manifestos of conservatism are not high on my reading list. It was a happy day when Will started reading it and got me off the hook for awhile. The sad thing is, I think my liberal-hearted little boy is turning into some kind of McCain-loving Republican. Another sad thing -- I might have to take an "R" in the primary so that I can vote for our friend, Tom, for county commissioner. I really want to take a "D", since it looks like there is still going to be a race for the presidential candidate -- I thought by the time we got to Indiana's primary, it would be all over and decided. I really don't like Indiana's primary system.)
Back to the cat. Dr. Paul said he would do fine as an outdoor cat, but since he is basically healthy, he could live inside, as well. But could Lucky stand having another cat in the house? She has been the queen bee around here for 15 years. Hmmm. "Sasha" will be home tomorrow afternoon, and we shall see. Another update then.


  1. Late primaries suck. We get left out. :(

    Yay for an overall healthy kitty!

  2. I love the names Taggart and Edgar; I can't wait to see what you pick.

  3. I think he looks like a Digby. Just my $.02. I dig cats, no matter what they're called. What did Eliot write? "The naming of cats is a difficult matter…"

    And Atlas Shrugged is less conservative and more libertarian in leaning. But it's still no light summer reading, that's for sure.