Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm Finished

- knitting one Composed Mitt:

I'm using the Knitpicks Telemark. Not so sure I like this as much as I had hoped I would -- it looks a little too Christmasy, I'm afraid. Will I really wear these? Hmmm. They might just become a gift.
Also, since I am studying up on Elizabeth Zimmerman, a couple things about this pattern bother me -- long floats and more than 2 colors per row. In the viney section, I went back and added red french knots instead of carrying 3 colors.

- reading The Kite Runner. What a book. I like this much more that I had hoped I would.
- tearing out the Perfect Pie shawl.
(Thought I should take a picture before I ripped it out completely.)
I set it down, sure that I would remember where I was. But I didn't. And I just couldn't figure it out. And, I forgot to add a lifeline. So I will be starting over, because I really love the rhythm of this shawl. Will I ever wear it? Hmmm. This also might become a gift. But the yarn was a gift from Kemtee, so maybe it is only right I pass it along.
- eating the leftovers from Will's birthday dinner Saturday night at the Rathskeller in Indy. The question at that restaurant is, should I eat all this deliciousness on my plate and get the meat sweats, or eat until I am full and take the rest to feed a small pack of dogs?
- admiring every flock of Sand Hill Cranes that lands in the fields around our house. Oh, I still love them, but I don't stop every day and roll down my window to listen to their calls like we did a few weeks ago. There have been more birds making a pit stop here this year than I can ever remember; it's like an avian O'Hare -- land, re-fuel, make a lot of noise and then take off for who knows where. They're not the most photogenic birds, and tend to blend in with the landscape. But here's a picture anyway:

I've started the Baby Surprise Jacket. So far, so good. And, I am going to try socks again. I ordered some sock yarn in red and white (cream and crimson) to knit some socks for dad. I also bought Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles, and two sets of circs in both the wood and metal from KP, as well. We'll see.

Another awesome coincidence: I just finished a book about Afghanistan. I just started the BSJ. I opened the latest issue of World Ark, the magazine of Heifer International, and saw an article on Ann Rubin, who started the famous charity knitting program, Afghans for Afghans. And what is she holding in the picture? A BSJ.


And peace.

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  1. I like the french knots. Makes for interesting texture.

    Good luck with the socks!