Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Spring, Less Cat

The star magnolia outside our garage looks more beautiful this year than ever. But when the wind blows tonight, as predicted, I'm sure there will be even more petals all over the grass.

Up close

Sasha has been renamed Toulouse, more for this guy in the middle:
than for this guy in the hat:
Our Toulouse would never sit still long enough for a portrait; I can barely get a photo of him. But here is a fairly awful depiction of his shaved body.

He looks like a little lion, with his fluffy head, paws and tail. But I can see the hair is beginning to grow back nicely. Maybe then the other boys in the neighborhood will stop making fun of him -- he has a scratch on his nose from a tussle with PK. If PK hangs around for more than a few hours, I may cart him off for the stray cat special, too.


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