Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cats, cats, cats

A pretty long-haired yellow cat began hanging around Sarah's house before Christmas, and Sarah fed her, and sometimes let her in the house when it was cold, despite the fact that two dogs live there. Then her hair began to fall out. Sarah was very worried about her; they called the Humane Society, but they wouldn't take her since they live in the city limits. ? I offered to bring her down here and take her to Dr. Paul, so she has been living on or under our front porch for the past few days.

Which is why Lucky has spent most of the past few days in the window sill, protecting us.

We have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. My history of taking cats to the vet isn't so good; on Lucky's first visit to Dr. Otte, she left a huge gash in his hand. And as much as I like animals, and as much as I want this cat to be healthy, I'm hoping it doesn't cost a mint to make her so.
St. Francis, pray for us!

Sarah called the yellow cat Ashley, in memory of Grandma Shirley's cat, but Will has renamed her Sasha, (after JD's scooter on Scrubs. I don't get it either, but the name seems to fit.) I tried to take a good picture of her, but they were all very blurry, as she is in constant motion, always rubbing on my legs. Very friendly. Maybe too friendly -- Clay thinks PK made a visit Friday evening -- he heard that unmistakable screech of kitty love. I do love kittens, but that's probably the last thing we need around here.

How many cats can you have before they start calling you a crazy cat lady?

On the knitting front, here's my progress on the Triple Branching Out shawl.


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  1. I hope kitty is easily brought to health. It could all be as simple as a little bug and malnutrition. :)