Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Valentine from Haiti

Thursday was just one of those days. You know, when things just don't go so well. The highlight was going out to my car (after spending a hour convincing Grandma that A) she wasn't dying and B) we still loved her even though no one went in to see her on Tuesday or Wednesday because of the ice storm) and trying to turn the key in the ignition.

No go. Long story short, after towing, drilling, ordering parts and $435, I should get the car back on Tuesday.

When I finally got around to checking e-mail that evening, I found this note, from the priest at our sister parish in Gaspard, Haiti, St. Therese. Our parish sends them $965 each month, but in November, we were able to send an extra $3000, which they planned to use for building latrines for the school and church. In early December, a wild storm hit their mountaintop town, damaging the clinic, school, church and many homes. This was the first major trauma for Father Phechner, who has been a priest for just a little over a year.

Dear friends of Holy Ambroise,
I am very happy today in the name of the parishioners of Gaspard to write you to tell you how much you contributed for the working order of the parish. Thanks to your supports we could resist the different responsibilities of the parish. Even as the storm had hit us you were there to rescue us. Me particularly and all parishioners we are united in only one heart to tell you thank you for all grants received during the year 2007. God spoke in your hearts and I think that he fills you with her blessings and you continue to answer your vocation of Christian. Thank you and a thousand times thank you. That God blessed you and protect you from all pain. I am anxious to greet all people who contributed to help us towards the parish.
Fraternally yours!
your agreeable brother in Jesus Christ
Fr. Phechner Julmisse

Sort of puts things in perspective for me.

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