Monday, February 25, 2008

Let's Talk

The poetry of Sylvia Plath

What do these have in common?
I am guessing that these are the only three topics that we didn't talk about when I spent the weekend in Louisville with some dear friends from high school. Will doesn't understand how talking can be considered a great time, but it was. We did visit three museums -- Glassworks, The Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts, and 21C's -- but there was mostly talking. And talking about where to eat. And eating. What could be better?

And, I think I may have made some knitting converts . . .

In other knitting news, I received an invitation from Ravelry last week. I set up my notebook, got a Flickr account, posted some pictures and joined two groups. Then, I spent many hours (I don't even want to guess at a real number, as it would be too embarrassing) reading posts, looking for patterns and coveting yarn. Luckily (luckily?), I was quite sick on Wednesday and Thursday, so I didn't feel too guilty about not doing something more constructive. But, as each day I think about having a cozy little knit shop of my very own, I think I will consider it research.

A few weeks ago on her blog, Holly asked if Ravelry would "kill the blogging star". I think it could be possible, but I have made a promise to myself to keep up with this blog and the Knittyboard before I go to Ravelry.

Of course, I also promised myself that I would exercise for 30 minutes and do at least an hour of housework each day before I knit one stitch or sat down at the computer. oops.

Not much time for Ravelry this week, anyway. Tonight is Will's wrestling banquet, and tomorrow is his birthday. Wednesday we have the boys, Thursday is knitting at the library and I have a catering job on Friday. But I might just pop over there for a minute or two . . . or three.



  1. Oooh - I'm going to look for you. If I can't find you, I'm eryn.

    I've been sucked into Ravelry and the blogging has slowed down. Of course, I've also had big work projects and sick kids and the blogging has slowed down... I'm working very hard at updating once a week minimum.

  2. I'll look for you too. I'm Beverly over there.

  3. Friend me, dahling. Same handle, same batchannel.

    I don't Ravel like I used to; a lot of the people over there turn me right off. I stick to what I know and use it as more of a resource than a social network.