Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Shawl, A Hat, A Party

I finished up Sue's Harley Shawl. It's actually Barbara Walker's Dayflower pattern, knit up with Paton's Divine on #13's. It's 15" wide and ended up about 6' long.

Sue really liked Nate's hat, so I thought I would make a hat up for her in a soft yarn (although she is yet to lose any of her hair). The yarn is Tesoro from Jo-Ann's, 100% wool --I'm not sure they carry it any longer, as it was in the clearance bin -- and I used a twisted rib stitch. I wrote up the pattern; if anyone would be interested, I'd be glad to post it.

Maggie graciously modeled for me:

And here's little Nate, blowing out his candles. Clothes off, but new shoes on. Let's just hope he doesn't celebrate every birthday in the same outfit.

Will has had an outstanding week, winning the Heisman Trophy in the NCAA Football video game -- we had an ice storm and he has had two days off school -- plenty of time to build a powerhouse Purdue program and defeat every team on the schedule. He is currently beating Florida State in the national championship. I'm so proud.

I knocked the ice off the jeep and slowly made my way into church this morning to play for a funeral; the backroads and side streets were still skating-rink slick this morning. After last week's tornadoes, I'd have to say this is the weirdest February weather I can remember.

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