Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pink Passion, Green Guilt

Since my mom died of breast cancer, I'll do almost anything and buy almost anything to support research for a cure. I drink my coffee from a pink mug, walk in my New Balance shoes embroidered with the little pink ribbon and mix pink M&M's into cookie dough with my pink KitchenAid mixer.

Around this time every year, Yoplait puts those cute little pink lids on their yogurt. Yoplait gives 10 cents for every lid sent in to Susan B. Komen, up to $1.5 million. So I eat my yogurt, rinse off the lids and send them in.

And throw my yogurt cups in the trash.

I have been trying to limit the amount of trash our family pitches out each week to 1 bag. I try to compost vegetable scraps, recycle every bit of cardboard and paper (along with cans, bottles, jars and milk jugs) and avoid buying products in non-recyclable containers.

But, the apple juice in the #2 bottle (recyclable) is $3.49, and the juice in the #5 bottle (non-recyclable) is $2.49.

Diet cherry limeade at Sonic is half price between 1 and 5 every day. In a styrofoam cup.

And Yoplait, which this month is 10 containers for $5.00, which supports breast cancer research and which is creamy and delicious, comes in a #5 container.

So now not only do I have Catholic guilt and mother guilt, I have a whole new category: green guilt.
Next up: fair trade guilt.

In more coincidental saintly news, Wednesday was the Feast day of St. Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr. The name of the dog at the center of the Ellen controversy? Iggy.

As the Romans sent St. Ignatius to the wild lions, he said, “I am a kernel of wheat for Christ. I must be ground by the teeth of beasts to be found bread wholly pure”. I am fairly sure, in the same situation, I would have said, "I wish I wasn't being eaten by these lions." Which is why Ignatius is a saint, and I am not.


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  1. You know, you do what you can, try not to stress too much about it.