Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Newsy Items

1) They have captured Chester Stiles, the man who videotaped himself having sex with a three-year-old. This man really messes with my views on capital punishment.

2) In California, it is now illegal to smoke with children in your car. It is careless (and a little dumb) to smoke with children in the car, but should it be illegal? Doesn't this just open to door for the smoking police to begin going door-to-door, ferreting out smokers with children in their homes? Would they be fined? Have their children taken away? Arrested? Can you still smoke in jail?
It just all seems a little self-righteous.
Dear Arnold, hate the smoke, love the smoker.

3) Ellen Degeneres adopted a dog from a rescue agency. The dog didn't get along well with her cats. She gave the dog to her hairdresser. The hairdresser's children loved the dog. The agency found out that Ellen had given away the dog without notifying them. They took the dog away from the hairdresser and her kids, saying Ellen didn't abide by the terms of the adoption agreement. Ellen cried. I cried.
Dear Arnold, I am glad I don't live in California.

4) So maybe it's a good thing that Purdue isn't going to the Rose Bowl. This year.
Dear Arnold, Be kind to the Buckeyes when they're in Pasadena.

5) Also on the sporty page, Cleveland is up 2-1 on Boston. For fear of jinxing the Indians (like I did the Boilermakers), that's all I'm going to say about that.



  1. Ahh… California. The land of fruits and nuts. Too bad, too, because it is a beautiful place.

    And I don't get the dog rescue thing. They want homes so badly for these animals. Ellen at least gave it to a responsible family -- she didn't turn it loose on the streets or something. It's why I've often balked at adopting a pet. They want to search your home and practically get a blood sample. Criminy -- all I want is the animal. After it's mine, it's mine. Fudge on your stupid agreement.

    They should take that pervert, chain him to a post in the city center, and announce that there will NOT be a guard posted that night. I'm sure the problem would be taken care of by morning. That… that miserable excuse for a human being should burn in hell.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your ball team!

  2. I totally agree with 1, 2 & 3. Things are just getting out of control crazy these days. It's not like Ellen gave the dog to Britney Spears or anything!