Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blogstalking Assignment #3 - How I Get Around

Last Thursday, I cleaned out my car, because I was taking two of the cleanest, neatest people I have ever met along on a Meals on Wheels route. So, when I saw the assignment for this week, I knew it wouldn't be quite as embarrassing as last week's.

Here is my ride:

I have pimped it out to also be my office, travelling toy box and catering truck. But the only interesting thing in the car the day I took these pictures was the box from Knit Picks, which I had taken out of my mailbox on the way to town -- I was so excited to see the contents that I found a nail file in my purse and opened at the first red light I came to.

We chose this van because of the color -- Purdue gold, which doesn't show road dust too badly(well, I chose the van because of the color; Clay probably was looking at the engine or something). An added benefit is that the carpet is the exact shade of my coffee after I add the cream. I know -- I really shouldn't be allowed to drive, especially with an open cup of coffee, or a cell phone, or a nail file.

In other news, today is the Feast day of St. Francis. Yesterday's blessing of the pets on the school playground was amazingly snarl/hiss/dogfight free.

In honor of St. Francis, patron saint of animals, the environment and recyclers everywhere, here is a picture of my sweet cat, Lucky, who turns 15 this month:

We're not sure of her exact birthday, as she was rescued from the Wal-Mart parking lot where she had been dumped with her litter mates. (I feel like a real knitting blogger now that I have a picture of my cat!)


  1. Lucky is so pretty! And I can't tell you how many times I've torn a package open at a red light (or even a stop sign!).

  2. i think every animal ever adopted should be named 'lucky' <3