Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom

Today would have been my mom's 70th birthday.

I still miss her every day.

August 25, 1937-March 13, 1998

My mom started this crazy quilt sometime in the middle of her cancer treatments. She made up all the blocks, and my grandma feather stitched around all the individual pieces. After mom died, we forgot about it for a few years. Then after dad died and we were cleaning out the house, I found the blocks in the sewing room. I set them together and added the embellishments: one of her fair ribbons, a hanky, her favorite Bible verse and lots of her buttons. I think she would like how it turned out.


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  1. It's good to have your grandma around. That's a fabulous quilt. Not the same as having your mom, but you have an extra piece of the beauty she left you.