Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dominic and Sarah's Wedding/Our Texas Vacation

On Saturday, August 3, our godson, Dominic married his long-time girlfriend, Sarah, at St. Catherine's in Carrollton, Texas. (My picture-taking skills were less than stellar that evening, but with a little editing, I think these are OK):

Sarah and Dominic after the ceremony

With Sarah's parents and Ann and Mark

Ann and Mark at the reception
It was a beautiful wedding, a rocking reception (Texas BBQ, beer, A&M fight songs and a great band) and a wonderful reunion. We're so proud of Dominic, and wish him and Sarah a lifetime of happiness.

We had flown in to San Antonio and visited the places Will hadn't seen (he wasn't born when Ann and Mark lived there) and had lunch at Casa Rio on the Riverwalk before we headed up to Corinne and Mike's in Austin. After a day of good food, wine and talk there, we left for Dallas in time for the rehearsal dinner. Then on Sunday, after a nice afternoon at Ann and Mark's, we drove back to Austin. Everyone (but me) went to Schlitterbahn on Monday; they had a great time, but I wasn't sad and lonely -- I found my way to Hill County Weavers and spent 3 hours there. Clay had left me $100, and I spent it all, quite easily (some Noro Big Kureyon, Blue Sky Cotton, some needles and Natural Knits for Babies and Moms).

Tuesday we went to see Leslie's apartment, watched her resume tape then toured the Austin bike shops for Will; he was amazed at the Cervelos at Austin Tri-Cyclist. They asked him if he rode, and let him try out an $8000 Cervelo on the trainer. Then, they asked if he wanted to take it around the block. Sensing this made me a little nervous, they offered Clay a bike to ride with him -- his was only a $6000 bike. Off went my boys, riding two bikes probably worth more than all our cars put together. I wish I had brought along my camera to catch Will's face when he got back -- true happiness.

That evening we all went out for supper at The Salt Lick; the atmosphere was pure Texas and the food was fantastic. Sydney, Corinne and I sat around knitting after the boys went to bed, and all too soon it was Wednesday afternoon and time to head back to San Antonio for the flight home.

And although we came home to 135 e-mails, 33 answering machine messages, a pile of mail, tall grass, dried up flowers and one lonely cat, it was a great trip, and as all great things, over too soon.


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