Sunday, June 7, 2015

Antique Finds

Today, Jenny and I went to the Tri-State Antique Market in Lawrenceburg -- a beautiful day, an amazing collection of dealers from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky and lots of fun.

  Look at what I found:

You know I love kitchy stuff -- my writing room is full of odd little Oriental figures.  

I don't know why.    
But these little kissing dolls ($5!) will feel right at home there.  

The yellow ashtray ($2) is destined to be a soap dish, the brooch ($3) is for Abby someday (her room is coral and gold -- kind of perfect for her) and the bowl ($2) is Hull Oven Proof just like grandma had.  The towels (both for $10) will be perfect for curtains for the small windows in the camper.  (Oh yes, the camper.  You probably want to know what's going on with her, don't you?  I promise a post this week.)

We also bought a couple of galvanized buckets, some plant hangers and this pair of shutters:

But this is the purchase I am most excited about:

And look!  Sheet music included!

What is it, you ask?  Why, it's a Violin Uke!  

I don't know how to play it, nor did I know something like this existed before today. 

I  just couldn't pass it up; I was channeling my inner Ron Wunder -- my dear friend, extraordinary music teacher, instrument collector and member of our little nursing home band.  He unexpectedly passed away last December, and every week I still expect him to come ambling it, bringing along a sax, clarinet, trumpet, accordion or squeeze box.  Really.  He had a squeeze box, and could play the heck out of it.  We would just tailor our play list to whatever instrument he brought along that day, and we had the most fun.  Oh, I still have fun playing at the home, but now it's down to just me and Jack, the harmonica player and all-around nice guy -- he loves bluegrass and folk music, but he's always happy to play Moon River, Unchained Melody or some Beatles songs.   

Anyway, I thought how fun it would be to learn to play the Violin Uke for the residents.  The sheet music makes absolutely no sense to me yet, but thank goodness for YouTube -- there are lots of Violin Uke videos.  

Who knew?  Off to try to tune it up and give it a spin.


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