Monday, June 29, 2015

Another Beautiful Wedding

I was honored to play for my friend, Lauren's, wedding Saturday.  Her mom is one of my dearest friends and her brother is my godson (her dad is pretty groovy, too!)

Lauren and her new husband, Andrew, along with her family and friends, worked very hard toward making their wedding so sweet and special.  Lauren collected all sorts of wonderful things to decorate their reception, and I just thought I would share some of the tablescapes with you.

Like me, they are big Disney fans, and each centerpiece was a beautiful representation of some of the newlyweds' favorite Disney couples.  No mouse ears or yellow, black and  red here -- just soft pinks, greens and silver.  Each of the 28 arrangements was amazing.  (Although they left out my favorites -- Lady and Tramp and Duchess and Thomas O'Malley!)

I think this was my very favorite!

They also included Disney music in both their ceremony and reception -- the string quartet played The Sleeping Beauty Waltz, So This is Love and the Marriage Theme from Up.  Guests were welcomed to go to the buffet line when they heard the music from the movie that their table represented -- it was such fun!

I made 250 cupcakes for the reception -- the hydrangeas were pound cake with blackberry buttercream, the daisies were strawberry cake with lemonade buttercream and the pink roses were chocolate/chocolate.
Sorry for the messy picture -- my decorating bag sprung a purple squiggly leak.

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