Monday, December 2, 2013

This Is Why We Do It

Yesterday Chuck and I had a book signing at a holiday show.  We sold all the books we had brought along with us (yippee!) and I promised more to friends.  Chuck was on Cloud 9 -- partly because of our sales  and partly because he was told about a million times that he doesn't look 85 years old!  So it was a good day.

But here is the highlight.

We had a little time to sit and talk, and he told me a story.  He is very good at stories.

A few weeks ago -- the Saturday before Veterans Day, to be exact -- Chuck had spoken at a breakfast for veterans at a church in Fishers.  A troop of Boy Scouts was assisting at the breakfast, and one of the scouts was completely fascinated with Chuck's story (as we all are.)

This boy has Asberger Syndrome, and really isn't comfortable around people -- particularly, he doesn't like anyone to touch him.

The scout went home and told his dad, a local physician, about Chuck, and couldn't stop talking about his story of capture and escape.  The doctor happened to know Chuck, and called him up right away to get a copy of the book.

The following day, when the doctor got home, he gave his son the book.  The son's eyes got huge, and then he hugged his dad.

For the first time in two years.

I told Chuck that if that was the only good thing to come from writing this book, then it was worth it.

This is why we do it.

PS  If you would like to have a copy of our book, just let me know and I'll get you one.  We are also having another signing here in Seymour on December 14 at the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts from 11-3.    You can get it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, but Chuck makes more profit by selling them himself.  And of course, you know that his portion of the profit goes to the Wounded Warriors program, because that's just the kind of guy he is.

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