Friday, December 6, 2013

My Sound of Music Live Review.

Loved it.  I really did.  But then, I love all live theater.  I am very seldom disappointed.  (Wait.  Urinetown really disappointed me.  But that's 1.)

I know.  I am a horrid critic because my mother taught me to look for the good in everything.  She could say something nice about anything or anyone -- even if a production was horrid, well, "at least those people got up there and did it.  That's something not everyone can do."

There has been a lot of flack on the internet this morning (and even before the production) about Carrie Underwood.
Nope, she wasn't Julie Andrews.
Yep, her acting isn't the greatest.
But she was sweet.  And she seems to be very sincere -- I think those were real tears in her eyes as she listened to the fantabulous Audra McDonald sing "Climb Every Mountain."  (They were definitely real tears in my eyes!)

AND, if casting Carrie Underwood as Maria prompted kids to tune in (as I'm pretty sure was the whole plan), great.
If kids tuned in and loved the production, better.
And if this production has sparked an interest in live theater, best.
Because for live theater to survive and thrive, theaters need to be filled.  People need to buy tickets.
Let's face it -- popular celebrities sell tickets.  Nick Jonas as Marius, Reba McIntire as Annie Oakley and even Greg Brady as Captain VonTrapp.
It might not make the disapproving critics happy, but if it keeps Broadway busy, touring companies touring and regional theater suceeding, it makes me happy.

So, more live theater on TV, please.


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