Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pam's Iced Coffee -- A Summer Joy

Last summer, on a whirlwind trip to Atlanta, we stopped in Nashville to spend a little time with our dear friends the Mrozinskis.  As it often does, our talk turned toward good food and drink, and I mentioned how I was obsessed by The Pioneer Woman's iced coffee, and explained the whole process to Pam.

She listened politely, and then said, "You know what's even easier?"

Oh my goodness.

Here's what she does:

Brew one pot of coffee.  (I used decaf because A:  that's what Pam drinks and B: I like this in the evening, when I just don't need any more caffeine!)

Pour one can of sweetened condensed milk in a large heatproof bowl:

Stir in the hot coffee till the SCM (perhaps my favorite acronym ever!) is completely dissolved:

A whisk works nicely:
 Let cool, and serve over coffee ice cubes, which, of course, Pam had all ready in her freezer.  And, of course, which I do now, too.

(My ice cube trays were in use freezing up some grated ginger when I made this up last week, so I tried making the cubes in mini muffin tins.  Cute, but they don't want to release too well.  Back to the trays!)

FYI -- the reduced fat SCM works just as well as the original SCM.  Lucky us!
FYI #2 -- this could be further enhanced with Kahlua, Bailey's or a shot of Maker's!


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