Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fancying Up The Workroom

I spend a lot of time up in my workroom:  sewing, scrapping, blogging, writing, and even real work.  (My office is 13 miles away, and I can log on to my work email from home -- handy!)  So, I am always on the lookout for things to brighten up my space.

I needed some sort of memo board close to the sewing machine where I could keep track of all my projects.  So I bought this:
Not very interesting, is it?
I had a leftover piece of Heather Bailey fabric, so I ironed it, trimmed it with the exacto knife and used some spray adhesive to keep it in place:

A little leftover rickrack hot glued on:
A little more rickrack, jumbo variety:
And some big red buttons for the corners:

Unfortunately, the dry erase side is already full of projects I need to complete!

How cute are these bookends I found at Trader Baker's?
And I love this stately cocker spaniel -- he was only $1.00

Perhaps because he started out life as a planter:

And I made some tags for my fabric bins with Martha Stewart chalkboard stickers (the bins are on the top shelf, and not too easy to photograph):

It's all probably too busy, but at least I have something cute to look at when I get writer's block.  Or crafty block.  (It happens!)


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