Sunday, May 16, 2010

Better Busy Than Bored

That was Lynne's college motto. (I think I even cross-stitched a little picture for her that featured that sentiment!)

While I would love to be bored, just for a little while, it doesn't look like I will have the opportunity any time soon. Here are some things I have been up to:

Votives for the St. A seniors:

I used the amazing Cricut to cut the letters out of vinyl to create a stencil, stuck the vinyl to the votives ($2 each at WM -- what a bargain!) then brushed on glass etching goop ($19 for a small bottle -- not such a bargain.) After 5 minutes, you rinse off the goop, remove the stencil and viola, a cute gift.

After Prom

Thanks to some pretty talented parents with long-range vision, and after lots of paint on lots of cardboard, the commons area of our high school gym was transformed into a medieval castle, complete with a gazebo created from carpet rolls.
I spent weeks painting cardboard without a clue as to how this was all going to come together, but in the end, it was beautiful. This is the gate I painted: And, even though I had asked Will to take a moment to notice the decorations, I don't think he did. So here is the picture for all posterity (or at least for my 7 blog readers.)
Coconut Cake for Joannie's Birthday

Another America's Test Kitchen "oh my gosh this is the best I've ever tasted" recipe.

And finally, The Love Bus

This started out as a little joke, as most things do in the school kitchen, and evolved into a project. Actually, I tapped into my inner graffiti artist, and thanks to the ease of spray paint, the painting only took two afternoons. I still have some details I would like to add, but the bus has been quite busy, between the prom, a golf outing and transporting a bridal party from the wedding to the reception last night.

I cut these letters out with the Cricut, too. How in the world did buses ever get decorated without a Cricut?


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