Friday, July 31, 2009

Trying for the happy attitude . . .

When I re-read the post I started this morning, it sounded a little like this:


And honestly, one sick boy, two funerals (one completely heart-wrenching), a train wreck of a performance at the fair, 8 hours in the St. A booth and rain, rain, rain this week made me pretty bleh.

But the sun is shining this morning. It's not raining. I don't have to go back to the fair unless I want to. Will is better. My little sweater, hat, booties set won a blue ribbon. Although is was slow and rainy, we had a good time at the booth. Tomorrow, we go to Ft. Wayne for a wedding. Today, I have time to catch up on some housework, which in a weird way makes me really happy. Like this:


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