Friday, July 24, 2009

Some stuff to talk about

One of the moms at school asked me to make this quilt for her baby -- she bought the fabric and gave me a rough idea of what she wanted. The minkee is really hot pink -- so soft.
It rained all day Wednesday, and the pool Nate is building is a big mud hole, so Will has been off the past three days -- he's re-reading HP 7. He and Clay finished their backstops for the horseshoe pits, and have been playing a couple of games every evening.
Sarah and the boys came down Wednesday -- we had green beans, tomatoes and sweet corn for supper. They have added a new item to their list of things to do every time they come to Mimi and Grandma Clay's house (along with swing, ride the Gator and take a bath) -- milkshakes!

In sports news, the St. A softball team lost their first game last night. They are now 10-1. It was a good run while it lasted, but I know they were all hoping to go undefeated. They play again tonight.
I have a funeral to play today -- I didn't know the woman, but she lived to be 106. Not sure I want to live that long, unless I can still knit, read and toodle around in the garden.

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