Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On a positive note

Tommy and Nate admiring the rhinos

The most dreadful thing that happened on Tuesday is that I spilled coffee on my new white shirt on the way in to school. I stopped in the kitchen and got most of it out, but the dreadful part was hearing Clay make that exasperated little sigh when I told him I drove in with coffee in my nice big red Loveless Cafe not-a-travel cup.

I was driving in to school because I got another part-time job! I am now the kindergarten assistant in my sister Sharon's classroom. She has 23 students this year, enough to justify an assistant for 2 1/2 hours each day. So far, so good.

In other good news, I had to have a second look mammogram and then an ultrasound last week due to a suspicious dark area on my first mammogram. It freaked me out a bit (OK, a lot), but it's just a fluid-filled cyst. I wonder what it's filled with? I'm guessing cherry limeade.

More good news -- my lower right molar isn't throbbing today. Actually, with antibiotics and hydrocodone, it's felt better for two days now, after a week of intense pain. It's not supposed to hurt, or so the dentist said -- I had a root canal and crown on that tooth about 3 years ago. But something is wrong, and I am going to see a specialist on Thursday. Ick. Do you know how much I hate going to the dentist? But I guess I hate throbbing, wake-you-up-three-times-a-night pain even more.

Here's some more good stuff: knitting.
Alex's blanket received a third place at the fair:
Same yarn, different pattern for Maggie's baby:

The Alp triangle shawl for Ruby:

My Olympic knitting has been a Mason-Dixon log cabin blanket, using Debbie Mumm Traditions yarn I purchased at Jo-Ann's last week. This yarn is absolutely beautiful, color wise -- I am using the Robin's Egg Blue and the Beeswax Cream -- but it bunches up horribly. I have never had this happen before -- the outside of the fiber slips down the synthetic core fiber and makes a big wad. Weird. I'm dealing with it, but I don't think I will buy this yarn again. I need to go see what they are saying about it on Ravelry.

I have two skeins of Sea Silk I accidentally purchased (I thought I had cancelled the sale when they didn't have the color I wanted, but it arrived about 4 weeks later and I decided to keep it.) It's perfect for a lace scarf for my dear friend's belated birthday; I tried to cast on for a scarf from a free Elan pattern without success -- seven attempts is enough, I think. There were three little bobbles in the first row, and I just couldn't make them look right. I don't really like bobbles anyway -- they look like little nipples to me, and after two mammograms last week, I've seen enough nipplage to last me awhile.


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  1. Georgiann,
    Regarding that exasperated little sigh emanating from your husband. It is a shame that you don't have an older, wiser, mentor-like friend to remind you that husbands don't always need to know every little thing.