Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I couldn't sleep last night. Well, I started out sleeping, but woke up around 2 when Clay came to bed (he had fallen asleep downstairs watching Olympics). I couldn't fall back asleep, and my mind was full of things I just couldn't shut up. Or out. Then, I think I fell back asleep around 4, but had some of the most wicked dreams ever, and I have some pretty weird dreams. I woke from them with this terrible feeling of impending doom. Like something very bad is going to happen today.

I don't have intuition, women's or otherwise. So this is freaking me out just a little.

I would like to talk to Clay about this, but he doesn't like me to be negative. So I will say it here. I pray I am wrong. And tomorrow, when all is well, I will delete this post and talk about something positive, because there has been a hell of a lot of positive around here lately.

(PS: Despite what blogger says, it's 8:00 am here.)


  1. Yikes, I have dreams like that sometimes and they scare me. I hope yours comes to nothing.

  2. Ugh. I hate having dreams like that. Hopefully all will turn out okay.