Tuesday, August 19, 2008

If it's Tuesday,

it must be meatloaf.

On today's menu at school: meatloaf.
On today's menu at the Lutheran Home: meatloaf.
On today's specials menu at the Cracker Barrel, where Jenny and I went for lunch: meatloaf.

So tonight for supper, we had MEATLOAF, of course!

Meatloaf has long been an item of dispute in our marriage. I like it my mom and dad's way; Clay prefers it the improper Coons way. Meatloaf should be made in a loaf pan and slathered with ketchup. Meatloaf should not be made in a roasting pan, surrounded by vegetables and naked (ie, no ketchup).

In the last 26 or so years, I have made meatloaf my way, his way, and many other unsuccessful ways with any number of special ingredients: turkey, sausage, cheese, spinach, oats (ick), bread crumbs. For the sake of marital harmony (and because my children have been coerced into wrong thinking), I now make it the Coons way, with just a little ketchup on one end to honor my heritage.

The one thing we do agree on, though, is mashed potatoes. A must with meatloaf. And tonight, we tried out our new kitchen gadget -- a potato ricer. Excellent investment.

Peace, and meatloaf for everyone (with ketchup)

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  1. My mom's was always in a roasting pan, covered with ketchup. I make basically the same recipe, but cram it into a loaf pan. I agree that the ketchup is a must. Just wouldn't be meatloaf without it!